A large variety of raw material.

Lumber of highest quality.

Produced in Indonesia, exported globally.

Your preferred lumber supplier.

Preferred lumber producer and leading expert on light weight wood products.

Nusantara International’s main focus is on lightweight wood or lightwood for short. Lightweight wood can be used in a large variety of areas, including packaging products including pallets and crates, building material, and furniture. Lightwood has many advantages over other materials. In addition to applications of lightwood in timber construction and technical wood products, sustainable development of lightwood has the potential to contribute to climate change mitigation, poverty reduction, and significant value addition to producer countries.
Our primary lumber is Albizia, a genus of more than 160 species of lightweight wood with some of which are sometimes called silk trees. Albizia is a fast-growing lightwood species with several advantageous characteristics. In addition to Albizia, we also work with several other wood species that are native to Indonesia.